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Did you know your building might be wasting up to 30% of your energy bill? Most electrical installations still have significant room for improvement, thanks to constant innovation in green and sustainable energy solutions.

Interested in reducing energy usage?

Enigma Electrical will provide you with expert advice and services to MAXIMISE your energy savings without impeding on aesthetics or comfort.

How much can I expect to save?

Industrial and commercial lighting often accounts for over 50% of the total electricity costs on your premises. By installing energy saving lighting and controls you can significantly reduce your bills and expect to recoup your initial costs within 2 years.

After this period you can expect savings of up to 80% to go straight to your profit column. Furthermore, you’ll qualify for additional governmental incentives that encourage green energy applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Energy Efficient technology

Enigma Electrical can analyse your current energy usage and propose a much more energy-efficient combination of green and smart energy, i.e. solar, LED and smart IoT power and lighting.

Green Energy

New green technology such as solar power and LED lighting are advancing rapidly every day, and simply put, it’s not a question of if your company later implements these technologies.

Smart Energy

We’re on the cusp of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where internet-enabled electrical equipment cuts down on both your carbon footprint and electrical usage. You can now get as close to zero power consumption management as possible, by implementing a combination of energy efficient lamps, daylight control sensors and occupancy detection control sensors.

Imagine premises where all the non-essential electrical equipment and lighting automatically cut power as soon as you leave the room. Even better, it’s already here.

New green technology such as solar power and LED lighting are advancing rapidly every day, and simply put, it’s not a question of if your company later implements these technologies, but when.

How will the process work?

Contact us now for a free assessment of your energy usage, how it can be improved and what you can expect to save on your current electrical expenditure.

How does Solar Energy work?

What Is a PV System?

A Photovoltaic (PV) system convert sunlight directly into DC current. DC current is not suitable for direct consumption in the home.

The PV panels mounted on your roof top is connected to a PV inverter which converts the DC power for consumption inside the home to AC current. Your house will remain connected to the electricity grid at all times, so any power needed above what the solar system can produce is simply drawn from the grid. PV systems can also include battery backup to operate selected circuits in the residence for hours or days during a grid outage or at night when solar is not available.

A residential PV power system enables a homeowner to generate some or all of their daily electrical energy demand on their own roof, exchanging daytime excess power for future energy needs (i.e. night-time usage).

It can either be stored in battery banks connected to the inverter or if no battery banks are installed can be fed back into the grid (if your inverter is the grid-tie type).

The grid becomes your “battery”. For a grid-tie system you would need to apply to the City of Cape Town to get a bi-directional meter installed. This type of meter allows the units displayed to role back thus meaning you have credits to be used at night.

Why Solar?

The price of a complete solar installation is becoming more affordable and the ROI time is exponentially faster than a few years ago. Our high quality of work ensures that your system will give you maximum performance and benefit to your energy consumption. We will tailor your installation to your needs in order to take you as close as possible off the grid. We use only the most reputable tried and tested systems.

Solar Feasibility

You need either a good size flat roof or a north facing roof. On a flat roof we would stack the panels on a racking system frame to get the right angle to north for maximum MPP (Maximum Power Point). The best roof type to install a PV system is either IBR, Corrugated or tiled.

There needs to be no long objects next to the roof that would cast a shadow on the PV panels. The smallest shadow on a PV panel would reduce the performance of the panel or even the whole string of panels to the performance of that section in shading.

A suitable spot inside the home on a wall is needed for the inverter and switch gear to be mounted.

The best location is always inside a garage and should not cause any obstruction with good ventilation around it. Battery banks should be located in a well ventilated dry location.

Enigma Electrical has been providing the best electrical services available, covering all aspects of the industry.

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